Whatever is meant to be

Sometimes the right decisions are some of the toughest to make and it is with very heavy hearts we say that although we love each other very much, we have decided to end our engagement. We wanted to take some time to come to terms with our situation before announcing it. We want everyone to know that we both still very deeply believe in the kind of love that we were looking for when we went on the show and we believe this love exists now more than ever. Our love for each other has been very real and we’ve learned an incredible amount from each other that we will grow positively because of. We’ve experienced so much love, we have no regrets and we cherish the journey we’ve gone through together. We’ve come to realize that we are better suited as great friends and we will always remain so. We know in our hearts that this is the right decision for us, even though it has been one of the hardest decisions in our lives.
We are so thankful to everyone who supported us and who has shown us so much love throughout our relationship.
April & Tim


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32 responses to “Whatever is meant to be

  1. Queenky Gqobose

    So so sorry Tim an April. It did become obvious of late but I wish you two the VERY BEST. Happiness is the HIGHEST GOOD

  2. A television show isn’t exactly the best foundation for a lasting relationship.
    My condolences. All the best.

  3. Thia

    Mercy me! This must be very difficult for you two. I wish both of you the strength to carry on and for sure when the time is right you both will meet the right person. Sending our love and support from South Carolina..

  4. Amna

    Oh no 😦 this was really sad.. Wish you both the best!! Love from Norway

  5. Sorry to hear about your break up. Wishing you both the best.

  6. I’m so sorry to hear that. My best wishes to you April.

  7. roi

    Hi Tim. To hear you and April have ended your engagement has torn my heart. The physical attributes the two of you brought to the show was amazing, and the chemistry, undeniable. I loved April for her honesty and vulnerability, and you, with your kindness, understanding and enormous amount of patience. There you go, I have used your favourite word. Hahaha. What will be, will be. Hope you both find love. From New Zealand, now living in Australia.

  8. tina@mnyalu.

    Tim and April you were my best couple. I watched your season with my sister and loved you guys. What went wrong? I’m heart broken. Never expected to end that soon. I hope you can recover quickly. Wish you both the best.

  9. Jenny Pepper

    i have only just finished watching the show online, as I’m in the UK, so this has come as a shock. I wish both of you all the best in the future.

  10. Tim should find Trish back, they would of been perfect together Tim & Trish!

  11. Teresa

    Your love story was so inspiring, I was hooked. So sad to hear things didn’t work out. But things do happen for a very good reason. Hope you both will find true love.

  12. Gisele

    J’ai aussi reçu cela comme un choc j’ai mis un ,moment à me remettre. Je vous aimais Tim et April ensemble c’était tellement beau que je souhaitais voir le mariage que vous prévoyer en automne. Hélas même pas 6 mois et vous êtes séparés c’est triste. Peut-être que les organisateurs de Bachelor Canada devraient inscrire les couples gagnants auprès d’un médiateur, un psychologue pour les aider à se séparer de l’effet télévision et reconstruire leur couple. Merci Gisèle Montréal.

  13. Suzy

    Just read your announcement, very sad to read you two have not made it, but I am sure you both tried very hard! May you both be blessed and find love that you both need, as you are both very special people! Take care!

  14. Mkaay

    If life has taught me anything it is to take in the moment, and to do what you feel in your heart is right and just. I believe that love will find a way when the heart is willing and the spirit is free. Love comes to all of us in different ways, never forget who you are, and what you want. Love the life you live and cherish the good around you. Surround yourself with those whom you love support and love and support those whom are you are with. A door is not shut without a window becoming open.

  15. Oscarine

    Tim and April, I never been so glued to watch the show, it was all because of both of you guys, I was so devoted to read about your breakup, I grow to love both of you,I pray one day you both relies that you meant for each other, pls don’t ever give up from what you have started, it was so good to be watching both of you.

  16. Feliciano September

    Sad for both of you.Best of luck for the future xxxvloved you guys together though xxx New Zealand

  17. Cookie

    I predicted this outcome as soon as Tim picked April – I gave ’em 8 months. Sorry but I’m not surprised at all.

  18. Fely

    So sad….I recorded the show and watch it over and over again, I was so inspired by your love story. I love to watch both of you. Good luck to both of you from Surrey BC

  19. Rochelle Otoc

    …this is entirely nerve-wracking news for me…i just watched the season through youtube this week…then started routing for both of them …i even question myself why I did not see pictures of Tim in twitter of April,…and this is it—

  20. Ligia

    It was clear that Tim was at a higher level than any of the ladies. First off, professionally speaking. Thereafter, he was charming and socially adept with tremendous self-awareness. He was so in touch with his emotional side and truly went through the experience with a clear head. He knew what he had to do, and searched for an intellectual/spiritual connection before the physical, I felt. Truly a mature man, too wise for his time. He deserved more cultivated ladies. April was beautiful but sadly childish. He had to constantly lift her up and prod. He should be with someone strong have the emotional capacity to match Tim’s compassion.

  21. Lucie

    Je suis désolée pour vous deux mais en regardant l’émission, j’ai vu que c’était voué à l’échec …Je t’aurais plus vu avec Treschia car vous avez une belle chimie et que vous vous complétez mieux! C’était trop vite pour prendre la bonne décision.Bonne chance pour l’avenir ..il faut garder espoir 🙂

  22. Nono

    Oh nooo. I loved you guys so much. I watched the whole season and your love story was so inspirational. today I was just checking online on how you are doing coz I couldn’t wait for your weddings bells. sad and shocked to hear about this announcement. I pray the April finally finds that’s special person who can nurture her vulnerability.

  23. Pauline Mulby

    Tim and April my heart goes out to you both, I was waiting to hear wedding bells. what’s going on? I cant believed my eyes your such a lovely couple, When you cry I cried with you I Caught the story late in November and I just checking to see where the relationship is at now I am reading of break up OMG Tim and April you are very special to me I do hope you all will find true love else where.

  24. Deb Kelly

    It was obvious to me and most people I know who watched the show that this was not a match made in Heaven. There is something a coupld should never carry into a relationship and that iis baggage. From the outset it was clear that you Tim had a great rapport with Trish. You never had to persuade her to love or trust you. Sometimes it’s best to go with your gut guys

  25. Deb Kelly

    It was obvious to me and most people I know who watched the show that this was not a match made in Heaven. There is something a couple should never carry into a relationship and that is baggage. From the outset it was clear that you Tim had a great rapport with Trish. You never had to persuade her to love or trust you. Sometimes it’s best to go with your gut guys

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  29. Octavia Leisa

    I wish you could work things out. Every day you learn something new from your partner. If you receive this please answer it. When I look at the years it’s an old episode just saw it this year. I admire both of you.

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