On the Benefits of Anonymity

What if instead of voting for a specific person, you voted for a box of initiatives, policies and beliefs written on a cue-card with no personal attachment. Isn’t that the basis of what we’re supposed to be doing in Democracy? We’re supposed to elect that certain policies, with which we agree, are enacted. And if a majority of the population agrees, than those are enacted, etc.?

Behavioural economics, neuroscience and psychology are all realms from which studies and proofs have emerged in recent years to show us that human choice-making skills are fraught with disadvantages and bugs. If a man is taller for example, all else being equal, he WILL make more money. I have to laugh, it’s almost ludicrous, but it does make sense given the wiring we evolved to have in our heads. We can’t take into account every piece of data coming into our senses from the forest, we needed short cuts in our brains to very quickly understand that there was a lion in front of us that was about to sink his teeth into us.
I think, though it’s all very unnatural, there are severe benefits to anonymity. And especially so in business and the way in which technology can allow people to interact.
When something is anonymized, all the interpersonal biases are removed. It forces the decision maker to focus on the relevant facts, not whether the proponent of the ideas or choices has the same clothes, walks with the same gait or comes from a similar background.



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2 responses to “On the Benefits of Anonymity

  1. BW

    Interesting point, anonymity can be a beautiful thing. However, in politics a cue-card cannot display the character of the person you are voting for 🙂

  2. Kate

    I rather enjoy the reaction I get when meeting a man for the first time, after all our prior business had been via email. It’s a great way to close a deal. 🙂

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