My daily ‘prayer’ — braintraining

“Let that which you cannot control, be. For this too shall pass.

Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about defining the self you want to be and then doing that which is necessary to become that person, while enjoying the journey.

Please be here because the past and future have one commonality. They exist only in your mind.
Smile because things are neither bad nor good. Thinking makes them so. And the amount of time we spend in this form of being is infinitely small. We will be returned to dust.

Do and say only that which you know to be as true as you want it to be. On your deathbed, you’ll be the sole knower of what was what and how happy you are with yourself.
It is your happiness with yourself that defines what your subconscious believes you deserve. And what you believe you deserve defines what you get in life.”


The goal is to make your concepts implicit in your daily conscious and subconscious decision making. So rehearsing this daily trains the neural connections on which the concepts are based.



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2 responses to “My daily ‘prayer’ — braintraining

  1. er

    LOVE this!!!! Great blog.

  2. maughi

    Nice, your environment and influence from others condition you subconsciously. Nonetheless you can always recondition yourself.

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