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The Xanax Effect

I dreamt this one. So bear with the ridiculousness. In populations of deer, there are known to be individuals who are hyper attentive. Usually most types of deer graze in herds and as they graze, everyone keeps an eye out for predators. But as with everything, there is some natural variation in the frequencies with which certain deer ‘keep an eye out’ versus other members. So naturally there exist deer that are real keeners for predator watching. Now this seems like a pretty cool thing. The hyper vigilant deer confer a benefit to the rest of the group. Now translate this to today’s human society. I think it’s possible that those hyper vigilant deer might be branded as having some type of mental disorder. They might even be given a drug or two. Maybe Xanax for example since they might be considered ‘high strung’. But if these people who are said to have a ‘disorder’ are actually just the keener deer, and maybe they have some benefit for us.
Is it possible that when something bad is going to happen (war, drought, fire, something on a large scale that could effect a serious portion of the population) these hyper keen individuals, who are likely these days to be on drugs, might have an increased need for their ‘medicine’. Does anyone have any access to Xanax (or other equivalents) sales that might show that before major disasters, sales or use increases?
Now. Let’s get weirder. Think that humans might be connected in some way from a mental stand point? No, I don’t think that we can all communicate across oceans telepathically, but I do think that there is something¬†for which¬†we don’t have an explanation. “The G.O.D. Experiments” does an awesome job showing us that there are phenomenons that take place in controlled experimental settings for which western science has no explanation. Maybe these connections have an amplification effect on the above noted ‘Xanax’ effect?


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Taking away the clocks: An experiment

I saw an interesting quote the other day basically saying that we’re the only species that refers to time. It got me thinking how often I check the clock as well as how recent the invention of the clock has been. And so, I wonder if there’s something to be said for removing this thing from life a little.

It has led to some very nice black tape on strategic locations on the screen of my phone and laptop, where I might usually see the time. It’s been one day and it’s delightful. Haha.
As for appointments, I will be putting those in my calendar with alerts. I can still tell the general time of day, so if I know the appointment will probably take me 15 minutes travel time, I will set the alert for 15 minutes ahead of the appointment and travel accordingly.

I’ll let you know what I find, haha.

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