The loss of our privacy is liberating

The loss of privacy will eventually lead to the liberation of the individual.
People are often scared of their private lives being revealed to the world. But why? What do you have to hide? That you’re gay, bi, have a secret ant collection and are scared people are going to find out about it?
Yes, in the short term, with an unequal distribution of power, that information can be used against someone. But in the long term, the more ant collectors that have their private details revealed to the world, the more accepted their ‘already-happening’ actions become.


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One response to “The loss of our privacy is liberating

  1. Elena

    Proof of your point: I wouldn’t have stumbled across this blog, had I not decided to Google Bachelor Canada contestants at 4am. More people need to communicate their philosophical questions and theories about life. Reading your posts reminded me that humans have so much more depth than what we see on the surface. Is it that the majority of people aren’t deep thinkers? Or do humans just underestimate one another? Thanks for the thought provoking posts – I look forward to more!

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