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The opposite of goals

Everyone has goals. They are theĀ path by which we are almost always recommended to accomplish that which we want in life.

But many people don’t realize that a key component of creating a goal (and path to that goal) is understanding where they currently stand.

To go anywhere, it’s important to first be aware of where you are. Where are you in life right now? Take your eyes away from this screen and ask your mind where you stand. Take a moment to look inside and become aware of what’s there and where in space you are. Get outside your thoughts and your mind and look at yourself. Suspend judgement and just look. Wait…

Now ask yourself if you like what you see. Hopefully you do or are at least on a path to liking it. Happy summer šŸ™‚


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Should I be perfect?

Why should I not be perfect? Why should that not be the goal to which we strive?

People battle in this arena all the time. You’ll usually hear two sides; one saying that we should accept our faults to some degree and accept that we cannot be perfect. Meanwhile the other strives for perfection usually believing the opposition lacks character and drive.

There’s a key distinction to be made on the topic of perfection. It is the difference between perfection and the most perfect one can be in that particular moment.

You might argue that confidence comes from being the best. But part of being the best is recognizing where you have room for improvement. An old Japanese saying goes: “It’s perfect. Let’s make it better.”

When someone wants to be perfect, it’s very easy to focus on the shortcomings or negatives of the situation (which the oneĀ argument camp is quick to point out). But then the other camp will argue ‘how can you be better when you have nothing you work towards’?
There is common ground here. And it lays in recognizing that yes, there should always be a goal of perfection or your ideal being. But at the same time recognizing that arriving at that optimal state is a process and you have to be happy with where you are on that process.

My life is not perfect. But it is certainly as perfect as it could be right now. And I am so happy for that.

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