On being antifragile to life

Taleb’s new book has learnings that, though it comes from a very financial and value driven background, can be applied to life and happiness.

If something is robust, it means that shocks that it takes won’t hurt it very much. It’s strong. It gets shaken but not damaged from the volatility.
It means that if you don’t care about money in life, than the shocks that life brings to you (the financial or emotional ups and downs) won’t hurt you very much. You’ll be robust to life.

If something is antifragile, it means that when it receives shocks and volatility, it will be better off directly because of the shocks. It’s like a kinetic watch the uses the shocks of daily wear to charge its batteries.
It means that, if you see the emotional and financial ups and downs of life as truly living life and truly love these things in life, you can be antifragile to life. The shocks and volatility will not just not hurt you, they’ll benefit you.

Love the ups. Love the downs. No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep.


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