So I Finished Reading the Bible…

He dies.

But seriously, if you were smart 2,000 years ago, you probably had something to do with religion (that was the only place they taught anything and where the first universities began). So I figure there’s gotta be somethin’ smart up in there.

Jesus. A very nice dude. In all honesty, I think he was the most understanding man to have lived. He just really loved, understood, and accepted people while wanting the best for them. If you read only his words, it paints an extremely different picture than the rest.

If you want the quick version, you can get 90% of the way by just reading Genesis and Exodus, Matthew, Mark, and Luke (John gets a touch long winded and preachy). Those last three are the new testament and have all of Jesus’s actual words. If you want to have fun, read Revelations. Yikes. The old testament has a lot of… well genealogy and God being mad at various groups of people, telling them to do something, them not doing it, and then him being mad again. Most of the other books in the new testament are letters from Paul or other apostles and they’re pretty preachy. Most of the good solid content is contained in the books I outlined above.

Now onto the Quran.



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4 responses to “So I Finished Reading the Bible…

  1. BECKY

    Well, kudos the bible is worth a read indeed. God cared for his people, He gave them everything, but they always turned away from Him. Even the great men and women of faith had their own shortcomings for example, Moses, Jonah, Joshua, Eli, Solomon, Saul, among others. All in all, the bible is God’s law to his people. Personally, I think God’s people continue to stray and I do hope that, that God of Moses, have more patience left or else we are all going to hell LOL.

    The Quran follows the descendants of Ishmael, the son of Abraham and Hagar (Sarah’s maid)………………………..happy reading:

  2. Linda

    It’s interesting that you call Jesus “a very nice dude.” If that’s what you took away from your reading, you’ve missed his most controversial statements.

    Jesus claimed to be God.

    Either He was a liar, a lunatic, or He was actually God.

  3. PL

    Very unfortunate that this is what you got from reading the bible. I pray that one day God will open your heart to allow you to have a better understanding and to reveal his mysteries. The bible is a very powerful and life changing book; not to be taken literally, God needs to reveal his message to you. Hope you get that opportunity and are open to that.

  4. Brian McBride

    You’re right to say that Paul’s letters were preachy. Because that was their intent. His epistles were written to various churches that were in various states of growth and maturity. Some were flourishing in service and obedience to the Word – others were in complete disorder and chaos – and still others were a mix of both. Paul’s epistles are letters to the Church then and the Church today, to instruct the Church (the people; not the building.) Because, as a body, there has to be instruction and leadership and Paul was the man for the job! 🙂 As He said in his letter to the church at Ephesus, I say to you now, “Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.”

    God bless!

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