Awesome real time bullshit protector

The Dalai Lama’s English isn’t great. Arguably it’s pretty terrible. It’s reminiscent of someone half way through learning a new language. When I was an exchange student learning Spanish, I noticed that because I couldn’t grasp the language fluently, the content of what I was communicating became so much more important that the way in which I delivered the content. I really had to know what I was trying to get at, instead of just letting a response roll off my tongue.

And so the connection was made with the Dalai Lama. His English is terrible, but the content of his communication is so coherent and rich, that it does not matter a bit. You are still enthralled.

So it’s like the perfect bullshit detector. Get a potential bullshitter to speak in a second language or even a language that’s your second language. In either case, you’ll be forced to listen to the content and gist, not the flowery language and whimsical styling.


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One response to “Awesome real time bullshit protector

  1. Siyabonga

    Real communication is in understanding what is meant

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