The Art of Loving – Erich Fromm: Review

Loving as an art and an effort is a very powerful concept that North America has lost on itself. And Fromm argues it smoothly and beautifully.

I recommend spending some wonderful time with this book. It reframes relationships.

Two points of wonderful interest.
a) Most marriages before the advent of America were arranged through many different mechanisms depending on the geography. And people were meant to come together and learn and work to love eachother and build a family. That’s a wholly different construct from the romantic one much of the world uses now, only a few centuries later.
b) That the primal act in loving someone comes from giving. And that one has the ability to give because he or she has abundance. The richest people are often the least giving even though they ostensibly have the most. It is not about physical quantities at all. It’s a mindset.

Those two tidbits are indicative of the rest of Fromm’s sentiments. Simply reading it will make you feel better, practicing the concepts will make you a better person.


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One response to “The Art of Loving – Erich Fromm: Review

  1. Such a great humanist, who with his penetrating and sober works, opened eyes to all of us. So wonderful book

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