Belief in randomness as it relates to the concept of God

Randomness by definition cannot be known. That’s its primal property.

God by most definitions is omniscient.

Those two do not match. If you believe in God, than that entity must know how the dice will fall. Which means the dice aren’t random. That’s a conundrum. Comments?



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2 responses to “Belief in randomness as it relates to the concept of God

  1. maughi

    If God is the orchestra-tor of the universe then to him nothing would be random. However maybe from our perspective it appears random since where not privileged to the entire facts, understanding and wisdom. Cheers.

  2. Ligia

    Nothing is random– if we look into astrology, we see how heavily our characters and life’s events are influenced by the date, time and geographical position of the location of our birth, The planets and their precise rotations determine everything…we really are at the mercy of the Universe and our pre-defined destinies. We all have a mission, a deeper calling in each of our lifetimes, if we choose to believe that we have several.
    Then again, God did theoretically create the Sun, the Moon and the stars, the same systems that now influence our soul’s path.

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