Brain wiring, genetics+nurture and fault

It is nature or nurture? Surely, it’s somewhere in between. Sometimes more nature, sometimes more nurture. But through neuroscience and psychology, we’re getting to a point where brain wiring’s (and therefore actions) are seen to be a direct consequence of either nature or nurture.

And it’s to a point that some are beginning to argue that it’s hard to know how much blame can be put on a perpetrator. Does the fact that a murderer’s genetic disposition coupled with an incredibly traumatic upbringing devoid of the loving relationships that have been shown to result in healthy brain wiring make him not “at fault”? Because of the clarity we are gaining on early childhood brain development and genetics, the argument is becoming easier to make.

We will always need societal incentives to curb people from infringing on other rights. But the argument of who is truly to blame is gettin’ real damn interestin’ 🙂

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