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HOW We’re Made of Stardust

Ok, you know how all those really high hippies say “We’re just all made of stardust maaaaannnnnnnnn!!”?

Well, I’ve always wondered too and I’m going to explain why it’s true.

In 1945 it was known that the big bang didn’t have the right conditions to create anything else other than helium and hydrogen, which are the two lightest elements know. Ok, so everyone wondered, where the hell did all the other elements come from? Well, someone figured out that stars (like our sun) are only made of helium and hydrogen and when they get really old, if they’re the right size, they explode. And when they explode, they produce temperatures approaching a billion degrees which is enough for them to produce the heavier elements, like carbon and oxygen, that… wait for it… make up our bodies!!!

SO. We are literally made out of stuff that was cooked up in an exploding star billions of years ago.



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