Ambition without the ‘career success aspect’

I’m looking for a word that I don’t think exists in English. It is a style of drive defined by the delta between where one begins in life, the positive and negative external forces they face and where they end in terms of happiness. It has nothing to do with intelligence, but simply to do with an impetus to be happy and overcome that which stands in the way.

Simply, it’s the human quality for which I have the most respect.




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3 responses to “Ambition without the ‘career success aspect’

  1. Linda

    Let me know when you find out that word!
    I live by always being content, but never satisfied 🙂

  2. maughi

    Self preservation.

  3. Elizabeth

    I think it could be defined as “life success”. Many people will immediately jump to the career and financial aspects, but true life success should be defined by that very delta you describe. Not many people see it that way…

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