The Self Illusion – Bruce Hood: Review

This is the beginning of a new world. Ok, well, just a new category. Book review!! The shortest, to the point, no bull shit, book review ever. If you don’t like it, let’s fight a’boot it.


The Self Illusion by Bruce Hood.

It tries to get at how influenced we are by the outside world and our environment. And because we wouldn’t be the same if the world around us were removed, that our ‘self’ is just an illusion. It cannot exist in the same way on its own.
There are some pretty decent experiments that he highlights. You might have heard maybe 75% of them before if you’ve read any behavioral economics stuff before.
But it falls short of a deeper, more intriguing notion. One that maybe wasn’t meant for this book. But cam’an, if you’re gonna write a book, go deep. If one’s brain is simply making a matrix out of the world around it and if our mind that we observe is the simple result of neurons connecting billions of times over, how different and separate are we from nature and seemingly inanimate things around us? It seems that the matrix our neurons create, is creating our mind, which is the more outright illusion. We are not so separate from the world.
All-in-all: Worth a quick read.

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