The Things You Choose to Change

There are things about yourself that are easy to change. And there are things that are more difficult. What defines a characteristic, into either category, is a combination between how much you want it to change and how engrained it is.
Self improvement is a lifelong process. If you think you’re done, you fucked up.


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2 responses to “The Things You Choose to Change

  1. Elena

    Self-improvement is more than just the things we choose to change. There are certain characteristics that we inadvertently improve on, through experience and age. Change often happens organically. However, you’re right that it’s important to be self-aware and to actively set goals – just without assuming that there is a formula for how to achieve personal growth, and without putting too much pressure on oneself!

  2. Herb Smoker

    Don’t go changin’. to try and please me…

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