Why Your Life Is Half Over at Age 10

The idea is that time passes in your head relative to how old you are. So, a ten year old experiences a year as 10% of his life (1/10). While a 50 year old experiences one year as just 2% of his life (1/50). The child experiences time 5x slower than the older man.

Take this to our title today and further the calculus, as T. L. Freeman has done, and we arrive at the notion that by age 10 (for the average human life span in Canada), we have lived HALF our experienced life by age 10.  I made a google doc to show how this works (though my, albeit, simpler version, shows the midway point at age 11).

So from age 1 to 10, time passes slowly. It feels longer. While after age 10, it passes quickly. It feels shorter. So years 10 to 80 feels the same as your first to tenth birthday.

For every single year that you live, time will seem to slip more and more quickly away. As you become older, time becomes ever more precious because you perceive it to be passing more rapidly.
So… do something with it. Anything. Just don’t sit there, because odds are, if you’re reading this, you are passed the halfway point…


This is taken from Daniel Tammet’s new work “Thinking in Numbers”. Tammet cites the originator of the idea as one American philosopher William James and his 1890 classic, “The Principles of Psychology.”



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  1. I love this. I’m reposting and citing your blog.

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