Tricking your brain into happiness using quantum physics and eastern philosophies

Much of what I’m reading right now has to do with the melding of eastern philosophies and quantum physics/field theory. One of the main ideas is that the way we experience space and time is incredibly mono compared to what truly occurs. Another is that our brains create this idea that our body contains something that is separate from the rest of the world. The fact is (physics and the eastern mystics tell us) that we are just as separate from the rest of the world as (imagine a rock that is half buried in the ground) that rock over there sticking out from the ground is from its other half that is in the ground.
So that’s nice. But most of us don’t have time to become sages and meditate for 10 hours daily to accept this. We are still human. We have feelings and chemicals running through our bodies that make the body and brain feel happy and sad and that categorizes things. What interests me is how we can use this knowledge (that we are one with the rest of the universe and blah blah blah.. hippies) to manipulate these chemicals running through our bodies to make us feel, for more and more of the time, happy. How can we use our knowledge that nothing material really matters to trick our brains and bodies into seeing all worldly things from a perspective of positivity? That’s what interests me.
Because after all, if our categorizing brain is categorizing things that are all relative, than can’t every occurrence be compared to a much worse version of itself, and therefor be seen as a ‘good’ thing to our brains? Booya quantum physics. Booya.

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