Sexual and cultural plasticity: Men vs. Women

So take a bunch of goats (I’m pretty sure they were goats). Take all the dude-goats and put ’em with lady sheep. Take all the lady-goats and put ’em with dude sheep. Let ’em grow up. Then put the male and female goats back together again.

Here’s what happens. The female goats, having grown up around male sheep, will sexually revert back to the male goats. But the male goats that grew up with female sheep around, well they won’t be attracted to their species’ female counterpart. Crazy huh.

This speaks to the sexual, and ultimately or more importantly cultural, plasticity of men and women. They differ in what they can do.

An extrapolation of this in humans is the way in which females react to what they deem as being “allowed” or normal by society as a whole. Do men and women differ here? Are women more plastic than men in what they’ll actually be attracted to depending on what society accepts? I suspect so… in any case, makes ya think.


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