Feeding the bad wolf – unnecessary planning

There are certain paths our minds take that are unnecessary. One of the most common is planning for forks in the road, when said fork in the road has not yet come to pass. If they’re are no decision points to be made based on the evaluation of different outcomes, than consider the planning you’re doing to not only be useless, but down right dangerous. Because you might not have to conduct said plans or even worse, you might not even have to decide between those sets of plans you’re making.

If you’ve heard the wolf analogy (that there are two wolves in you, one bad and one good, and that the one that will prevail is the one you feed), than you’ll know what I mean. Don’t feed the bad wolf with unnecessary planning. Wait to plan until you need to, or plan to make plans if certain things occur.


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One response to “Feeding the bad wolf – unnecessary planning

  1. I hear this, man.

    Analysis paralysis. I’ve often been bogged down by not living in the moment, feeding the bad wolf, and trying to navigate all kinds of possible forks in future paths in my head. It leads to an insane amount of wasted thought-time. Thought time that can absolutely be better spent on what’s in front of you at any given moment.

    Being present, being mindful, is one of my favourite states in which to be.

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