Who likes sex more?

The Ancient Greek mythological story of Tiresias tells us that upon separating two mating snakes with his staff, Tiresias was immediately turned into a women. He stayed that way for a number of years. Happening upon two more entwined snakes, she separated then again an was turned back into a man.

Now Hera and Zeus were in an argument about whether males or females enjoyed sex more. Since Tiresias had enjoyed living in both forms, they asked him. And Tiresias proclaimed that not only do women enjoy sex more than men, they enjoy it nine times more.

This tail is wonderfully telling. Any man that has dated a woman for a time long enough for the woman to feel perfectly at ease with him knows that once she feels at ease, her wanton will outstrip his quite quickly (so long as the relationship is healthy, etc). And so I think it’s a terrible and unnatural thing that our society has done to label women whores and men studs for those who enjoy selectively pleasing themselves with the company of other high quality mates. Way to go religion. Way to fuck it up for everyone.

Look at the divorce rate and the number of couples that though they aren’t divorced, are probably less than satisfied with their sex lives. It’s simply not natural for most. I’m not saying deep, beautifully intense and long relationships aren’t natural, they are and they are one of life’s most incredible gifts. I’m just saying the monogamy game and how society cultures women to think about what they should want is incredibly unnatural. More to come on this one.



November 17, 2012 · 10:33 pm

2 responses to “Who likes sex more?

  1. It is a shame, but the problem with woman being called sluts goes to the fact they have become that ‘label’ due to a lack of respect In themselves, which is very common in my generation. There is a difference in having lots of sex with someone you love or dating verse for money or etc. I feel as though some of the traditional values were lost in this modern, fast growing world, that should come back…

    • I don’t know if this is what I was trying to get at so much with this… maybe it’s a corollary. In any case, I think people who use sex to validates their sense of self worth are what you could consider a ‘slut’ in the traditional sense (with all its traditional negative connotations), but I think that what’s sad is when people apply the term to women who know they enjoy sex, don’t care what the rest of society thinks (rightfully so) and are incredibly happy with who they are as people. And they’re not happy because they’re having sex, they’re happy with the person they are before the sex is taken into account. Their attraction to different men (and high quality men, not assholes) is a celebration of what they think of themselves in a sense.

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