Every day, closer to death

Each day that passes brings you one more step closer to the day that you will die. So if I have 40 years left, tomorrow I will have 39 years and 364 days.

This means that if everything goes to hell in life or all the worst worries come true, for every day that passes, there is that much less time to have to deal with the results of everything going to hell.

This is an incredibly freeing concept or way to look at life. Many old people think they have much to lose from all that they have built in life. But that can easily be flipped around. Shouldn’t one become even more bold, daring and risky as one gets older and therefore closer to departure? I think it can be a very freeing way to look at life. Screw your worries, each day that passes is one day less that you have to endure the results of those worries.

In light of this, I love thinking about my death. Well, not thinking about it, but fully acknowledging and being mindful of its existence. It reminds me of the fact that I have one less day, one less hour and one less moment on this planet to experience all that I want. That’ll getchya ass movin’.



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2 responses to “Every day, closer to death

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    An interesting reminder. I’ve actually de constructed the spreadsheet a little to colour months certain colours based on how productive I’ve felt those months were.

    The goal being to colour all the months going forward green. That being said, I don’t believe in wasted time really. I mean, there’s certainly a gradient, though.

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