Sex industry facts

Americans spend more money at strip clubs than at Broadway, off-Broadway, regional and non-profit theaters, the opera, the ballet and jazz and classical music performances – combined.

In 2008, the Catholic Church paid out $436 million dollars in compensation for sexual abuse.

The worldwide porn industry rakes in an estimated $7  to $100 billion dollars in revenue each year. That is more than CBS, NBC and ABC combined and also more than all professional football, basketball and baseball teams combined.

Sounds like we’re a little bit of a sexual species. There’s so much we’ve changed about the way our environment surrounds us since we stopped living in hunter-gatherer societies. There’s a lot to be said for reflecting on how different your mind might be if, for example, women didn’t have access to the rewarding attention of hundreds of matable men and men didn’t have access to porn. Think about how different you might act if there were only a few mates from which you could ever choose.

On a related note:
We used to live in small groups that shared everything. Time and again, tribes that had not been previously contacted by the developed world, have shown to carry an enormous disdain for any member of the group that hides food from the rest. It utterly shameful and sinful for them. Imagine living in a group like this. I think there’s a lot to be said for porting some of that same intention into the lives we share with our family and closest friends now.


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