Are you psychic or just projecting patterns to white noise?

There are two main camps around the issue of whether humans have an ability that science does not yet understand. The abilities are most commonly described as having energetic connections with everything around us. There are many different takes on what this actually means, but the gist of it is that physics says that any matter exerts waves into the space around it. Some argue that it is those energetic waves that allow things some form of communication. Others propose that, akin to the breakthroughs in quantum entanglement, because all matter was condensed together at the beginning of the big bang, all matter in the universe shares a form of quantum entanglement (kind of badass to think about if you ask me). Other parts of entanglement could arise from matter or energy having been in one life form which then gets consumed and transferred into other different life forms which would then share matter and energy that was once part of a unique form. Whatever the case, hippies abound saying they can feel friends’ auras and know when something is wrong among other things.

The other camp thinks the hippies are nuts (my most sincere of apologies to anyone who takes offence to the term hippie). I typically find people from these camps expounding studies of humans interpreting ‘white noise’ stimuli. In these studies, it is found that humans will project some type of form onto white noise stimuli when in fact no such pattern exists. So they argue that when someone says that they can ‘feel’ friends, etc. is projecting some sort of pattern onto stimuli that in fact has no such pattern or basis to it. They point to other studies that show humans have a great propensity to think they ‘knew’ something was going to happen that already did. We are disproportionately confident of our correctness towards things that have already happened. Behavioral economics has done wonders in this area.

Now, I believe the white noise studies and their outcomes. But I think the truth lays somewhere in the middle. Quantum entanglement is very real. Energy fields are very real. There are very real studies of people being able to detect different crystals in different covered boxes. There are very real studies I’ve covered before on people’s abilities to detect (above the threshold of chance) where a friend standing behind them is looking on their back/head. But I think the truth lays somewhere in the middle of all this hub-bub. I think it’s most likely that yes, we make stuff up in our heads. But a good portion of what’s going on does come from all of these energetic and entanglement pieces. I think it also ranges for different people drastically. It’s very likely that someone who has taken years to try to concentrate on being sensitive to all the energy around them will have a better ability to interpret that energy than someone who thinks it’s all bogus.

Either way, science has a lot of exploration left and that makes me excited 🙂


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