Are we safer than ever

Fact: Discrimination does not exist when you believe that you are from the same tribe. As the size of the difference between two people’s genes decreases, so too do those individuals’ propensity to discriminate against each other.
Trend: Even just 1000 years ago, imagine how many different cultures existed. In the far reaches of Papua New Guinea there are still tribes that have not been contacted due to the islands terrain. But from the one’s that have, it is known that even tribes in valleys right next to each other can have a languages as different as Mandarin is to English. There are over 3,500 languages around the world that are endangered. One of them dies every other week. Our world is growing more and more integrated and we are mixing our gene pools at an ever increasing rate.
Result: In the far future, if this trends continues, we will become an increasingly more global tribe. There used to be hundreds of different religions that fought each other. Now there are maybe a few major ones left that people in power manipulate to fight each other. The very long term trend is that life has been getting safer and safer and safer. Steven Pinker has done a fantastic job detailing this in his book The Better Angels of Our Nature: The Decline of Violence in History. Basically it talks about how dangerous it used to be just to try to travel from one medium sized town to another. It was a time when bandits actually existed and ruled the countryside. These days? Well I’m really not scared of riding my bike through the countryside for fear of the heathens getting me. So, you want to contribute to world peace? Maybe just marry the most opposite looking person you can find, haha.

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