I like white noise and a little Confucing

Harvard + Columbia + BlueCross. That’s awesome. White noise helps you concentrate. That’s awesome. This site also has some mind training exercises. That’s awesome.  http://www.simplynoise.com/

Also awesome: Confucius didn’t answer questions on human nature (human nature in the sense of whether we are mostly and naturally good or evil). Odd. One of the greatest thinkers in history chooses to side step (on numerous occasions) one of the most grand questions. I think he did so because he was quite a smarty pants and knew that human nature is a malleable pot of lead that is mostly determined by one’s surroundings. So the question is actually unanswerable from this view.

Also awesome: Confucius’ main tenement was that the benevolence is, above all, what should be cultivated in the human spirit. I think this means hoping and wishing that quantum randomness falls in other’s favor and doing whatever appropriate things you can to help this. Coolio Confucius, I see that.


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