Introverts suck

Introverts suck. They’re shy and boring unless you pry into their minds.
Well someone pried. A neuroscientist has shown that the mind of an introvert and that of an extrovert differ in a very interesting way. One is actually chemically over-stimulated. The other is chemically under-stimulated. 

An introvert’s mind is overstimulated, leading them to retract from stimuli. This is the reason for their classic behavior. It’s why they’re more likely to make a decision, then sleep on it. It’s the reason they won’t shout out in an open group discussion and why it feels like to think you need to ‘baby’ the person to get anything out of them. But really, they just need less action to mentally get off than you do. That is hilarious. And beautiful.
But this fact also has wonderfully interesting implications for fault of action. It shows that it’s not introverts fault that they have these qualities. They can’t help that their minds are chemically over-stimulated, that this forces them to be shy and not interject their beautiful ideas. It speaks to the idea that it’s not just about being or choosing to be more one way or another. It’s a much more complicated process for people, there’s so much more going on. So next time you can’t understand why someone doesn’t act the way you do or does something illogical to you, remember it’s not all their fault.
Full disclosure: I’m an extrovert.


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2 responses to “Introverts suck

  1. Full disclosure, I’m pretty much in the introvert side of things. I’ve done similar reading and it’s good to know it’s not necessarily something I can actively “change”, but at the same time, I’m working on pushing past certain roadblocks I dislike about being introverted.

  2. chimpy

    “Introverts suck. They’re shy and boring unless you pry into their minds.Full disclosure: I’m an extrovert.”
    we can tell

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