Are you happy about lying? + Meditation in schools

People lie all the time. Well, probably. I don’t know for sure, but that’s actually the point.

But there are two types of lies. The first are the type that benefit the liar and not really anyone else. The second are lies that benefit someone else and maybe also the liar.

Which are which? The only person that can ever know this, for sure, is the liar. And the liar needs to be all-right with how close their lies come to that very grey between the two types of lies.

It also leads to a question that’s very helpful in life: “Are you perfectly happy with the amount of energy you are exerting in order to be the best version of yourself that you want to be?” If you can answer this question with a yes, you’re likely a very happy person. Or you at least have no reason to be sad. Which puts you in the best position to choose to be happy.
But notice some things about that question:
1) It is not about results. It’s about you being happy with your level of effort. Results are skewed by random outside effects, control of which you do not have.
2) It is not about being the ‘best’ defined by some archetype given by society. It’s about what you think is best. It’s your version of awesome.

Also – applause to the Vancouver school system which has implemented meditation bouts throughout their days for kids. It’s in a effort to teach kids about their brains, meta-cognition (thinking about thinking) and that they can control their emotions and efforts. This control has proven to be one of the highest indicators of future success.


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