Engineering love

Humans have been messing with genetics for centuries. It began through inadvertent selection of specimens with particular characteristics for reproduction.  We’ve done it with plants. We’ve done it with herds for consumption. And it has culminated in the highest feats of humanity in the laboratory, engineering specific genes to feed more of us in a more efficient manner. But we’ve also done it for reasons other than feeding ourselves more efficiently.

We’ve done it for love.

People love their dogs. And when I say love, I mean love. I mean a connection just as strong as the one your share with your closest of kin.
And by selecting the nice dogs, the ones that stay close to home, the loyal, the kind, the empathetic, the caring and the protective ones, humans have for millenniums played with the genes of dogs and engineered the animal of love.

I don’t say this hating on dogs or dog lovers. In fact, I think pointing out this fact and acknowledging it, makes it all the more beautiful and amazing.  🙂 I want a dooooggg, haha  🙂


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