I cut some guy off

I had a rental car. It had weird mirrors that were supposed to help with blind spots. They didn’t. I cut some guy off pretty badly on the highway. He was not happy. But for some reason, I didn’t feel bad at all.

I fully understand why it was that I cut him off and that I had no control over the situation. I tried my best, but it didn’t work and someone got cut off. But the person in the other car experienced an enormous amount of negative emotions. All to his detriment. It may have even ruined his day.

The only logical reason I can see for anger is that it provides social incentive for the person to not do the thing the did again. But it ruins so many people’s day. So is understanding in moments where anger will be ineffectual and just negatively effect your own day the best? Is there something that can replace anger as a social incentive for other people to behave? I wonder.


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