A new kind of vote

So some craaazy hippie was telling me that, apparently, corporations these days have much more power than the government to effect society.

I think we’ve all come across this notion at some point. There’s no doubt in my mind that it is, at least in some respects, true. And, oh, how people are in an uproar.

But I think people miss a huge strategic notion in this debate. The notion revolves around where these company’s power originates. They have power because they make so much money. They have so much money because the mass population decides, on a transaction by transaction basis, to give them their money (in exchange for goods and services).

Now people in the past have tried boycotts. And that’s fine. But boycotts have an off-putting notion because the boycotters main goal is to get other people to not buy from the company. Which is fine.

My suggestion is that consumers simply accept the fact that government is broken, weak and largely un-fixable. Not that we should abandon it, but we should also do what we can in lieu of our government votes being so non-consequential. We should instead realize that every single dollar we spend is a vote in favor of that company’s practices.  Just as we have responsibility to know what the governments for whom we vote will do with the power we give them, so should we be aware of what the corporations will do with the power (through dollars) that we choose to give to them.

And just as those government parties whose policies are not liked wither and die, so will such corporations. Use your dollars to vote.


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  1. I completely agree! I never thought about it that way, but I believe by being smart with the decisions we make and our purchasing power, we can make a difference in the power and practice of corporations.

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