We are a relative race

My life has changed in many different ways over the years. I’ve also watched the lives of friends change. And through those changes, reactions to changes in life status are seen. Life status can be defined as anything from number of friends to living arrangement to number of dollars in the bank account to the value of things being enjoyed having been purchased from said bank account.
And with these changes; happiness, level of excitement, general agree-ability… they all change too. Very briefly.
It is only sustained change (in most of these categories of life status) that can keep a human above his or her average level of happiness. And so it boils down: We are a relative race. NOT an absolute one. We are not programmed to care how nice our car is. Only that it’s nicer than our neighbors and nicer than the one we had before.
It’s simple, but I think the vast majority of people forget it when they make decisions whether big or small.

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