Should you love your job?

There is an increasingly significant economic reasoning for doing what you like in this world as a career.

It involves two axioms.
Firstly: that the competition for particular jobs is ever-increasing. As the population grows, so also does the amount of jobs (that’s why the unemployment rate stays a +/-3% range usually), however the amount of different jobs does not grow as much.

Secondly: that you are generally better at a particular job if you like it.

Therefore, there will be (and are) increasingly more people who will apply for a particular job who are also likely to literally LOVE that job. This means that if you don’t LOVE that job, others will be able to be better at that job than you. You will either have to work harder or be smarter than the competition. And that’s tough. Because if they love the job more than you, they’ll likely want to work even harder than you. And especially harder if they see you beating them out for the job (when either applying or while working there).

So, if you want to be amazing at your job. Just like yo momma said, do what you love. As time goes on, it is increasingly more efficient and beneficial to choose something you love.


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