The point at which failure exists

Most people believe that failure exists at multiple points in a life.

However, if we view failure as simply an interaction through which we learn a new lesson about how to succeed, than that moment of failure because unfathomably small. I use the word ‘unfathomably’ because an ‘instant’ or ‘moment’ in time is a hard concept to grasp. How long is ‘now’? Is it a second? A millisecond? Smaller?

Anyways, the point is that failure is only present in an instant of time. Before it, you haven’t failed. After it, you’ve learned something you didn’t before. And so failure in a sense, barely exists. The only thing that exists for a significant amount of time is the affects of failure, which are learning points (or the effect of success, which is awesome-o).

And so the importance and usefulness of A) acceptance, B) the ability to let go of the emotions involved with failure (knowing they’re useless and unfounded anyways) and C) the ability to re-evaluate the situation and progress, become incredible.

Sure, failure sucks, but the moment at which failures occurs you must immediately accept the unchangeable circumstances and know that you’ve learned something.

Do better from the point at which you are. The relation to the point behind you is unchangeable and therefore irrelevant.


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