The first 5 books of the Bible

My review of the Christian Bible is not meant to be derogatory. It is meant to be an open review of the actual content of each book seen from my perspective. This won’t contain many opinions on religion, which are ideas unto themselves and will be spoke about at a different time.

I’m reading it because I figure that if you were smart 2000 years ago, you likely studied theology and therefore likely contributed to this book. So it’s got to have some intelligent tid bits here and there. I guess we’ll see.

The first 2 books of the Christian Bible are interesting. Genesis and Exodus. They tell the stories of creation and then the Jews being led from Egypt out of slavery where God tests them all over the place in the desert before he gives them the land of ‘milk and honey’.

The next 3 books of Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy are mostly made of rules, land distributions and lineages. The rules are… well… funny. I just found myself laughing. Apparently I haven’t been stoning half as many people in my community as I should. These are the parts of the Christian Bible that explain God’s disdain for homosexuality as well. God is a referenced as being jealous on at least 5 occasions and there are many more examples of him mad; mad enough to kill many thousands of people at a time.

Onto Judges now which has lots of stories of Israel concurring different kings and regions of present day Israel.


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  1. maughi

    Be nice if you continue with this post. I like your lighthearted illustrations. Quite comical.
    Always a book for the ages. Cheers

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