Rose colored glasses and attention

Someone asked me the other day what the people in Toronto are like.. My immediate answer was, well, I guess it depends on where you’re looking…

There are currently millions of stimuli entering your senses right now. The vast majority of which though, your conscious mind CANNOT acknowledge.

Of the stimuli in our world, we are consciously able to perceive and pay attention to but a slight percentage of these stimuli. It makes evolutionary sense, we focus on what’s important to us.. Like the tiger running at us instead of all the nice lush green forest around him.

But in this non-getting-chased-by-tigers day and age, we can use this fact to greatly change our lives. By focusing on that which pleases us, we can change the way we perceive the environments in which live (and farther down the line, by being happier and with more positive energy, we actually change our environments).

When someone splashes you on the sidewalk, do you steam about it for the rest of your walk to work? Or do you push it from your mind and focus on the fact that the city looks gorgeous today? You can’t think about both at once. It’s a choice. What do you choose to allow your mind to spend time on?


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