Implicit marketing – dirty!

I was watching TV last night and I saw an interesting commercial. It was for an insurance company. Part way through the commercial, the narrator said something along the lines of “We have our OWN claims adjusters.”

Seems pretty mundane right?

Seems like a nice thing that they have their own claims adjusters, while the others don’t.

But what’s interesting about this is not the direct information they’re trying to convey. It’s the implicit information! The direct info is that they have their own adjusters. But due to the emphasis on the word “own”, the implicit information is that the competition DOES NOT have claims adjusters, when they could very well have them.

The ad doesn’t make you think “Oh, I wonder if the other guys have their own claims adjusters.” It makes you think right away, through their assumptive wording, that the other guys DON’T have their own claims adjusters and that that is a bad thing. And you don’t even think to ask, “Well DO the other guys have their own claims adjusters?”
It’s a very subtle, but very powerful tactic. In a world that’s as boring, convoluted and confusing as insurance, it’s all about the small edges in your trust of a company. Insinuating that the other guys don’t have something (that they very well may have), can put you a leg up.



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