Detecting intention

All right, new study.

The intention and staring detection studies I’ve been reading about have been blowing my mind.
The basic idea is that a person can sit in front of someone who is socially close to them and say whether the close friend behind him/her is looking at their head or back. And they can do it in a statistically significant percentage of the time.
Even crazier is that the person standing behind can even close their eyes and IMAGINE looking at their friend’s head or back. And the results are the same.
This ability ranged from person to person in the study. It went from 50% correct (flipping a coin and guessing) to the upper ranges of prediction (where statistically significance proved they had some ability to detect).

I think the weirdest thing though is that participants were given a questionnaire before hand asking things like whether they believed in a god or had had previous contact with spirits. But the question that most predicted the participants ability to detect whether their friend was looking at their head or back, was whether they had felt some connection to relatives who had passed away.

I’ll let you discern or interpret what you will from this.

All I know is that it points to a lot more going on out there…


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