10 things a day

Your brain is a product of the thoughts it is allowed to have.

When you have a thought, it is the product of a specific set of neurons firing together in a specific pathway or form. This is a thought. Every time you have a particular thought, it is then easier for those neurons to find each other. The connection is strengthened. The thought is easier to have. These are central axioms in books like “The Brain that Changes Itself” by Dr. Norman Doidge.
But this works in the reverse too. The less you have a thought, the harder it is for those neurons to find each other.

The brain is plastic. With work, it can change itself.

The next part of this? That every situation throughout the day could be better. It could be worse. I’m at my desk. But I could have a hot apple pie beside me just taken from the oven. Or I could not have a job. So I chose to view this situation in light of why it’s good. I’m happy I have a job.

Each day, try doing this: Try thinking of 10 very small things you’re happy for. Hmmm I’m happy I made that green light on my bike just now, I’m happy I found some nice music, I’m happy there was milk left in the fridge…. yadda yadda yadda. No matter how bad you’re day was, do this every day for a few weeks and see what happens.

Your mind will eventually find it easier and easier to link the neurons together that see the brighter side of a situation. If you forcibly link them enough (through this exercise), they will find it easier and easier to link by themselves. I wasn’t always the happiest person. I’ve seen and felt the effects of this. It’s awesome.

Another one? Try not getting out of bed in the morning until you think of something you’re excited to do that day. This morning it was as simple as being excited to jump in the shower. Saweet… haha.



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2 responses to “10 things a day

  1. Farran

    Great post Tim! Try reading “The Happiness Project”. I really enjoyed it, and I think you would too! Keep posting!

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