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Are you ever amazed at how little control you have over what you can’t stop from continuously popping into your head? Or how hard it is to get that thought out? Or how distracted you can be by certain thoughts, which it never does any good to keep thinking about?

I always knew that if I could just control the pathways in my mind (aka what I think about), than I would be able to put unwanted thoughts out of my head.

The Power of Now is a book I’ve started reading. I’m finding it’s articulating every thing I’ve come to believe about the mind and how to frame life.  The early premise of the book is that all problems are simply a creation from your past or future. The only thing that has any meaning, that is real at all, is this moment right now. Now.
It makes you ask, “Is anything wrong right Now?” If there’s something that needs to be taken care of now, than do it. If not, enjoy that you have no problems right Now. Yes, you may have things upcoming, but if there’s no point in thinking about those things Now, than why adulterate the current moment.

It speaks to using your mind when necessary to solve problems, quieting it when the mind is unnecessary and enjoying all the beautiful unadulterated moments life offers.

“But oh snap, that’s so hard. How can I ever quiet my mind, it runs rampant like a monkey!”

It’s not easy. Frankly is pretty damn hard. For me, it’s involved 15 minutes of my day, 5 days a week, for the last year and a half of my life: Meditation. It is the training of your brain to be quiet. To shut the f^&k up.

For 15 minutes, stand or sit or find some comfortable way (but don’t fall asleep) to be still. I had to begin by visualizing the numbers 1-10 as I said them in my head for each breath in and out. I slowly stopped counting, and just visualizing the numbers and now I’m trying to forget my breath and listen for my heart beat. Every time an outside thought appears, acknowledge it and come back to the numbers/breath.

You will be amazed. With enough constant training, you can make your mind do exactly what you want it to. You will gain the ability to push the future and past out of your mind whenever you want to and just enjoy this exact moment.


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