Fields of what?

So one of the current books on my roster is Energy Healing Experiments by Dr. Gary Shwartz.

He’s got some great experiments and really pushes the boundaries of what the scientific community is familiar with. His other book, The G.O.D. Experiments is very well done. I don’t agree with his conclusions, but that’s another story.

The very simple (yet highly controlled and clinical, dude has his PhD from Harvard in psych and is a prof at the University of Arizona) experiments are what intrigue me about this book (so far). The experiments involve testing whether humans can sense both the physical presence and/or conscious intention of another human being. One involves participant 1 staring at participant 2 or away from participant 2 and participant 2 having to guess what participant 1 is doing, and to what degree they are sure of this guess.

Try it with a friend in a quiet room. Have person 1 stand 6 feet behind person 2 and give both a paper and pen to record each round. Put a clock with a second hand in front of the 2 people. Have person 1 use excel to randomly generate his or her sequence of “staring intensely at back of head” or “staring intensely away from person 2”. Then do 30 rounds and have person 2 record every 30 seconds where he or she thinks person 1 is staring for those 30 seconds. See if there’s a statistically significantly “higher than chance” probability of predicting where person 1 is staring!

The results are nothing short of amazing and show that humans have some ability to detect the energy of other things in this world. After all, on the most basal level in physics, everything is just made up of energy.

Though I can’t go much further than this in explaining things, science having proved that humans have the ability to detect energy opens the door to an entire realm of thought and understanding  of the world in which we live. How strong are these influences? How much of it do we ignore? Or how much of it is influencing us but just on a subconscious level? If we can detect it, can we influence it? How much?

I think these questions are so interesting because older or eastern cultures always reference this other, ‘unscientifc’ realm and deem it highly important. Western science threw all that out the door and called it all bunk and fabricated. But western science is just now developing techniques to research and understand what others have believed for a long time.

Are we on the verge of understanding God from a western science perspective?

This is just damn-well interesting stuff.


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