A little less rational hate

The energy drink market has struck me as something a little bit less than rational.

In my office, there are numerous people who will have one energy drink per day. Sometimes more. These people are perfectly smart. They know the drink probably isn’t as healthy as a bag of brussel sprouts, but they assess the risks and go ahead with their $4 purchase.

Now when I buy something once a day, usually I’m smart enough to just buy a ton of it at once. I don’t buy 5 brussel sprouts  each time I want them with my dinner. I buy a bunch and eat them over a while. Or any other consumer product/grocery item. And that’s rational, because I know I’ll consume them.

If I thought I was only going to drink/eat something once in a while, fine, I’d buy the item individually.

But these people in my office, every day, walk all the way down to the corner store and buy a $4 energy drink. Why aren’t they buying a case? We have a beer fridge in our office that would keep them cold.. WTF?

I think what’s happening here has to do with the fact that these energy drinks are bad for the body and my co-workers KNOW it. They therefore don’t want to admit to themselves that they will be consuming such a large quantity of something that’s bad for them.


Well does that mean there’s a sweet spot for products that are daily consumables and kind of bad for you? I would imagine the energy drink makers love it that people buy their product one by one… I know I damn-well would!

What other products have these attributes? Because they obviously carry disproportionate value.  Hmm……


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