Prunes and organization

Changing yourself is hard. And apparently science wants us to know that it’s even a little bit harder now too.

The leading theory on sleep and memory says (among other things) that during our brain prunes down memories from the day. It consolidates things into a form more easily described in a storied format.

But what’s interesting about this is not the fact that your mind prunes or consolidates memory, but the way in which it typically chooses to prune. It’s not random.

Evidence shows that our minds prune such that the memories are most similar to our already present sense of (or definition of) self.

It’s like our brains will actively ignore events or actions we take that are outside of our self-definition. The most interesting part of this, for me, is that when trying to change yourself, this is another obstacle in the way. Your brain has so many tricks to get around and develop new habits and this is just another reason why only extremely hard and consistent work will create enduring change in your mind and life.



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