Strong fingers

Imagine this:
3 groups of randomly selected people.

Everyone lays a hand flat and curls their index finger in a pumping motion against a tensor, measuring their index finger strength.

The first group is instructed to basically “work-out” their index finger with some typical strength related exercise regime for a month.
The second group is told to do nothing.
The third group is told to, at the same rate and for the same period of time as the first group, to simply imagine doing the exercises, to concentrate very hard and imagine their finger doing the exercises.

What happens?
The first group improves.
The second group stays the same (control).
The third group miraculously improves to 30% of what the first group did. So, if on average the first group went from 10kgs of pressure, to 20kgs, the third group would have gone from 10kgs to 13kgs.

What does this say about the human mind? It speaks to the incredible power just connecting certain neurons and pathways can have over our bodies. I think most people believe that whatever takes place in the mind has no effect over the body or the world around them. But science is providing us with evermore interesting evidence that this is not the case at all, that our minds can have physical effects not only on our bodies but also the quantum world.

Another experiment replicated many times in different formats has shown that a human mind can effect the quantum state of a particle (shielded in various ways, magnetically, etc. so no interference of different waves occurs). The particle usually has a perfect 50/50 chance of being observed in one state or its opposite, but when the human mind is introduced, that 50/50 changes to 47/53.

This evidence speaks great volumes about the idea of the importance and power of visualizing the future you want to occur. I could speak at length about this… and will likely one day.

And then there’s all the behavioural economic irrationalities that humans have, and we begin to see that we have very little coherence or ability to impartially observe/interpret the world around us. And we realize that science is ratifying what was known by certain sages intuitively¬†(aka, it just felt right to them and they had anecdotal evidence of it) throughout much of ancient history. They didn’t know the science behind visualizing that which you want nor strengthening your mind muscle by meditation or other means, they just knew it worked. Now we are reaching a point where science is showing why it works… so let me be the (likely not, but maybe) first to say, holy sh*t that’s powerful.


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