The CEO as the craziest person in your office.. just for sh*ts

I’ve recently switched jobs. And the one thing that has struck me most is the amount of different ways in which having a completely out-of-the-box CEO liberates a company’s employees.

Creating an environment in which people as comfortable as possible to express exactly what they’re thinking is arguably the best way to continuously  spark innovation in a company.

There are numerous ways to create this environment. Companies can have innovation mantras, ‘brainstorming’ sessions where brainstorming rules are explicitly spelt out for attendees, incentives to come up with big ideas and many other things.

But I believe it will most likely be the new hire who, when he first lays eyes on the CEO brandishing a wacky hat or doing cartwheels down the hallway, will be psychologically released from the fear of failure. This release of fear of failure will allow the creative part of his/her brain to bubble with craziness. And many of the ideas might be crazy, but they will be able to be built upon and built up and possibly into the next generation of your company.

The point is to get that creative part of the brain flowing freely and never put it down. And a CRAZY CEO will do that culturally, which is a much stronger signal than any sign or mantra.


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