Awareness delay and your subconscious

That which arguably defines my life is the idea the your subconscious beliefs in what you deserve in life ultimately define (for the most part) that which you will attain. Or said another way: To guarantee attaining that which you want in life, your subconscious must truly believe you deserve it.

So Benjamin Libet’s Mind Time explains how thoughts and intentions to act actually begin in our subconscious about 400msec BEFORE we become aware of them. Want to raise your hand, your subconscious started that process 400msec ago.
The point here (beyond the massive debate this idea starts about free will, etc. – I personally don’t think we have enough evidence to talk about this concretely yet) is that your subconscious is going through all your thoughts and intentions before your conscious mind (ergo awareness) does.

Put the two together and they make for a very compelling story. Want something? Then make sure you truly (subconsciously) believe you deserve it.

P.S. On a wholly geekish note, when you touch something, it actually takes half a second to register in your awareness: your brain just ANTE-dates the action back 500msec… coooooollll  haha


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